Homeless Renew Dreams through Hope

03.08.17 | Missions Stories

    Eight hundred men were walked through Hope Rescue Mission doors last year—looking for shelter, a meal, and some, for another chance. One of them was Ken—a former roofer from South Philly. Imagine losing all you had in an economic downturn, including your family home. That’s what happened to Ken, preempting a move to Reading to be closer to his adult children. Money ran out when his alcohol addiction caught up –Ken, whose liver was beginning to fail, was dropped off at Hope by his son-in-law, where he would engage a life and death battle. Ken chose life—he hasn’t had a drink in 9 months and volunteers on a daily basis on Hope’s maintenance crew.  With his health in hand, Ken hopes to begin his own painting business, and we hope with him for his future—this is why we pray.