June 26-29, 2017
Monday - Thursday

6pm - 8pm each night

Thursday night is Family Night! Plan for the whole family to stay for bounce houses, Star Force Nerf Games, Jedi Bubble War, Intergalactic Family Photo Booth, food, prizes, and more!

Open to all kids 4 yrs old through entering 6th grade

Volunteer at VBS


VBS 2017

As we join the story, all hope seems lost as an evil empire, led by Dark Tator, has taken over the galaxy. Captured by Dark Tator, four young Jedis - Princess Lays Chip, Hans Olo, Chewy Chips, and Luke Frywalker, are taken away to serve the evil leader. Is there any HOPE? They defy the emperor and obey God's commands. Will they survive? Can any good come out of their resistance? The Lord is strong in them.  They HOPE in the Lord. Each night at Star Force, your child will participate in Jedi training courses, play intergalactic games, and sing along with the band from Sandsbox.


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