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Click the button below to request access to a Calvary Account which will give you access to the online directory and your giving history (Giving history only - use the GIVE button above to give).

Complete the form so we can verify your correct information and create or link your profile. Once we verify your information, we will send you a secure link to join the online directory.

We have two systems, one for the directory and giving history and one for actual giving. Confused? Check out our FAQ.

Note that this directory excludes all Calvary people under the age of 18. Directory information is limited to names, addresses, and phone numbers.

If you wish to opt out of the directory, send us an email at cbfc@cbfc.net with your name and address so we can be sure we are opting out the correct profile. You will not be included in the directory nor will you have access to the directory. But you can still create an account to view your own profile and your private giving statement.


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