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Our Mission

Leading people to their next step in following Jesus

The mission of Calvary is the same mission that Jesus gave to all believers based on Matthew 28:19-20. He told them to make disciples. We know that a disciple is a follower. Following means placing one foot in front of the other, figuratively and sometimes literally. Our mission statement is an expression of the command to make disciples.

We believe that no matter who you are, what stage of life you are in, or what you believe, Jesus invites everyone to take the "next step."

Yours may be to visit us for a Sunday worship gathering. Come check us out! We would love to see you.

Our Vision

Seeing communities changed by Jesus

A group’s vision tells you something about how their mission affects the people they serve. Our vision concerns the communities along the 422 Corridor from West Reading/Wyomissing to Womelsdorf and beyond.

Wherever Jesus went, He was the wildcard in peoples’ lives. He healed the sick. He fed the masses. He befriended “sinners,” or He conquered hopelessness, reuniting families. Jesus was a miracle worker—and we believe that anytime God intervenes in your life, no matter how big or how small, miracles are happening.

Jesus works miracles in communities one person at a time. As people who follow Him interact with others in school districts, sports organizations, businesses, and neighborhoods along the Route 422 Corridor, we see Him affect miraculous change in the lives of people.

Our Core Values

Values are not right or wrong. They represent the flavor of a community. Values are not a comprehensive list of everything a given people believe; they highlight what those people emphasize in their community. Values drive culture, behavior, and characteristics. Below is a list of the core values that we believe tell you who we are.

Big Faith

We believe in a big God for big things.


Everybody needs the gospel more than they need anything else.

Grace & Truth

Without grace and truth, love is not love and we are not like Jesus.


Our generosity has God’s backing.

Saved People Serve People

We believe in seeing the person not just the circumstances.


Working together accomplishes more. 

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