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Why do we believe that the Bible is against LGBTQ when Jesus never said anything about it?

LGBTQ was not a movement in first-century Palestine. But we can know what Jesus would have said if LGBTQ had been there.

That’s because Jesus affirmed that the Scriptures were true. He taught them, and he applied them with grace.

LGBTQ is not a word found in the Bible, but LGBTQ is about sexuality and sexual expression. Sexuality and sexual expression are found in the Bible.

Scripture defines sexuality as an order of creation established by God as male and female. Scripture defines sexual expression as something created by God for spiritual/emotional, physical, and covenant bonding between a man and a woman in marriage and for producing children.

Anything outside of these bounds is a distortion of God’s creation and plan. Scripture calls that distortion sin. So did Jesus.

You can see how Jesus addressed sexual sin with truth and grace in John 8:1-11.

For more information on sexuality and sexual expression as it pertains to those who follow Jesus, see our denomination’s Biblical Principles for Living.

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